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Ask our customers why they trust us to fulfill their mechanically-graded lumber requirements, and the reason comes down to one factor: Supply chain. They know they can count on us for consistent quality, volume and timely delivery of a wide variety of lumber products across North America. For manufacturers of trusses, beams and other engineered building products, a consistent supply chain is everything.

The Truss Factor

It’s why so many North American engineered building product makers rely on West Fraser mechanically-graded-lumber.

How do
we do this?

West Fraser owns and operates 32 lumber mills spanning North America, 14 of which produce MSR or MEL. The result is a highly dependable supply chain producing a range of product in both SYP and SPF. Add to that our ability to identify higher grade lumber, which imparts predictable strength and straightness to high-performing trusses and other products, and it’s easy to see why we are relied upon by so many.

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